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Zuma is very easy, and I have to say, a very addictive game. You still have someone like me holding puzzles like a plague stuck to the computer.

You control the small Sapo ancient Aztecs world queXira along the axis. Frog spitting different colored balls that destroy other balls that are aroundThe wound will point toward the center to access the sacred golden skull. It is your job is to make sure that Zuma rage leak suficientesunichtozhitShary balls designed for the golden skull pre-spot there.

Zuma catch lies in the fact that the balls are three different colors: red, greenAnd yellow. You can spit balls of matching colors, but only one by one. When tresbola is stacked or more, if you hit any of these balls of the same color, balls will disappear and you will get points. Sometimes you can change the color of the ball you want nudity, clickWith the right mouse button, press the left mouse button to shoot.

EnZuma has two modes – Adventure and Gauntlet, although it’s hard to tell the difference between them. Both modes have the same game, soundtrack music and funky graphics and excellent sound. Paint NET 4 This error leads to addiction,Once you start and how many therapeutic moves the balls slowly drop. The downside – it’s probably very easy, as the balls move very slowly.

Zuma – a great game that ponravitsyaKak for adults and children. Keep in mind that this solution is limitadoAos 60 minutes.


Zuma Deluxe 1

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