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Square is a moving satirical drama that shows our times – community awareness, moral courage, and the richness of a person who needs an egocentric in an increasingly uncertain world. Christian is a respected steward of the contemporary art museum, a divorced but dedicated father of two who runs an electric car and supports good reasons. His next show is „Plac“, an inviting installation by passersby altruism, reminding them of their role as a responsible person.But it is difficult to live on purpose: Christian silly reaction to phone theft has made him in embarrassing situations. Meanwhile, the press agency of the museum created an unexpected campaign „Plac“. The reaction is magnified and sent out to the Christian, as well as the museum to the crisis that exists.

The Fassbender investigates the disappearance of the first winter snow, fearing that the elusive serial killer may be active help muli.Sa (Ferguson), a policemanIt must combine ten years ago into a brutal, cold case to a new one if it wants to cross the misfortune of evil before the next snowfall.

It was taken over, along with the four presidents, the first national newspaper publisher and one of the leading editors of the newspaper to cruel in the face of an unprecedented struggle between journalists and the government. Inspired by real events.

A wild animal tells a true story. It is a wild dog, a platoon, showing and influencingDavis family, fighting in many ways. In a short space of time, Pluton wondered how to save a child, bring comfort and sympathy to a 9-year-old boy, help restore marriage and fix a broken relationship between father and son. The platoon is not a watch dog – it makes the guard look at the angel. Sometimes help comes from places of uncertainty. Sometimes our prayers are unique, sometimes the dog can change everything.

. Tcm: The Extra Terrestrial 2017

The Square 2017

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