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You create You control you control the sims 4. Create new ones with great ones

personalities and different performances. Management of mind, body and heart

yours and play with life!

* Create someone you want

* Creating an ideal home

* Play with life

– –

Sit down on your grandparents RPA and look,what else for you

Content content


Extension Packages:

EP01 Go to work

EP02 Get With UsGilydd

EP03 City life

EP04 Cats and dogs

Gaming packages:

GP01 Outdoor Destination

Spa Day GP02

GP03 DinnerAllan

GP04 Vampires

GP05 Parent


SP01 Luxury Party Stuff

SP02 Ideal Patio material

SP03 Cool Kitchen Stuff

SP04 Scary Stuff

SP05″Party on the video“

SP06 Romantic garden things

SP07 Stuff children’s room

SP08 Rear Playground

SP09 Vintage Glamor Stuff

SP10 Bowling Night Stand

SP11Fitness Fitness

SP12 Kid thing

Additional features:

Party life

Incredible animal hats

All of us

Festive Holiday Package FP01

Grim Gulish Guitar

Digitalaudio track


1. Combine.

The Sims 3 torrent download
Record or install a picture.

3. Install the game.

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install your game directory.

5. Play the game.

6. Support for software developers. If you like this game, PRINT IT!

NOTE.This is an independent version, updated for, including ALL DLC, MULTI Languages.

Avoid the problem of „Origin not working right now“. You can set it as follows: Put your game on a short path, for example: C: game (not long composition), the first game with „Run as Administrator“ (By the way,do not forget to turn off your AV / Firewall before removing it). Enjoy;)

PS: When you start the game „“ or „“, you will have to wait a few seconds before downloading the game. (Nothing happens, just a slow game at the beginning)


The Sims 4

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