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Escapist 2 is an award winning game based on the jailbreak genre. This platform is a continuation of the first game of the series, which will continue in 2015. It is available for large game consoles as well as computers. Although many of the topics of the first Games are present, this reload includes many exciting new opportunities.

basic theory and spelling

Escapists 2 force the player to take a series of statssvabodny strategies that were original. This seems the maximumsecurity prison. However, it is much more than a point and click platform. Users can combine resources closely with friends and family, which is a great way to develop unique strategies. Due to the popular demand, players also have the ability to adapt their avatars to a greater extent. This can help to add a personal touch to the global gaming experience.

other improvements

Escapist 2 offers many more benefits than in the first version. New skills can be studied to someto spend hours in prison. Advanced attack methods are a very exciting schedule and innovative evasion methods of some of the improvements that will certainly attract a fan of this successful franchise.

The simulator escapes for „Jailbreak“. Add: I always need a similar simulator.

Start: But as it is your choice.

Escapists very similar to the jail architect, play others strong, but with much more action. He is in jail and willing. To do this, you have to perform daily tasks(so no one suspects) and make use of your spare time to set up a leak.

If you are looking for a game that does not give you a hand, you will love a refugee. You must understand this to prevent the drop from giving you information or objective. You can negotiate with a prison group. of skrastsiahovnik uniform. Or stole a tunnel. Or expose their instruments to the escapist for their freedom of action.

You have time for a while. Has a strong press to choose from (one of them, with its differentdifficulty). In spite of the fact that the prison is a limited space, they are full of details and variables that you want to make to stay away in different ways more than once.

The largest refugee waiting. Hope to have free chaspratsyagnuts with your plans, it’s over.

Excellent retro aesthetics

Surprise control sets for its simplicity. Escapists use only a few keys or buttons, but noYou must have your creative work or continue with your plans. I and others similargames, you may feel embarrassed by the initial investment in driver training. Here, in a few minutes you will be ready to go.

No chart level, or escapees imagine an 8-bit graphic of the bird palotus. His music is also a retro style with many „bips“.
I can not think more aesthetically because it reminds me of the classic game of „The Abbey of Crime.“

biggest problem wait.

volatile This has an original starting point, many content and opportunities, and has a simpleset controls, yet powerful. Will you be able to keep away from all the problems that occur in the game?


The Escapists 2

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