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Premium TeamViewer / Corporate / Enterprise Server Multilingual

TeamViewer – All-in-one software for remote support and online meetings – Remote control of any PC or Mac on Internet in seconds or use TeamViewer for online meetings. Find out why 200 million users trust TeamViewer!

remote support and remote access

– Remote client does not accept any installation requirement

– External access to the Administration for 24/7 computers and servers

– Home access in remote access,anytime and anywhere

– Home office computer from home

online meetings and web presentations

– Online meetings with more than 25 participants

– Internet presentations for increasing sales potential

– Online training will reduce the training cost

– To share collaborative online online documents in real time

New TeamViewer for 12:

– More performance Up to 15x faster

– Major Repair Tool

– Access is not managed for Android devices

– They giveyour client SOS button

feedback -Kollect from customers

-Linux, without graphical user interface, is not a problem

– Install TeamViewer Remote Hosts

– Full control of your channel

– Sharing strong and flexible groups

– Save time with multiple options

– TeamViewer in your browser

– TeamViewer chat in a web environment

– Communicate anywhere

-Chrome OS support

– Made for Windows 10

– Customer improvements

What’s new

Last TeamViewer 8 TeamViewerThe version is for use as a free application for remote computers and a local computer as a remote desktop computer that uses padklyuchytsda computers.

TeamViewer8 adds opportunities to work together. Undoubtedly, the most prominent is TeamViewer Management Console, which allows you to manage all the support teams in the browser.

Another rehearsal for TeamViewer 8, due to the transfer of file shafts to remote control sessions,It allows new sessions to be transferred to other support and sharing groups. In this way, it is useful to move clients or partners between conveniences and medications.

And last but not least, TeamView can improve the performance of various remote audio and video sessions and, if there is enough connection, you can see and hear the same as the viewer and listener, the sound system or video viewer,

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TeamViewer 12.0

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