Syncios Windows 7/8/10 Download

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SynciOS is a free iOS management application that helps you to back up data from your iOS device and transfer it to other devices, including devices with the Android operating system. You can transfer photos, videos, music and other files to your computer using a simple interface that resembles earlier versions of the iTunes application.

Take control of your device

If you’ve ever used the early versions of iTunes, SynciOS will be very familiar.The interface is one panel: The left window has a toolbar witha list of folders and files on your device. The right panel lists everything in the folder you are currently viewing. Synchronizing content between two devices is simple. It is even easy to transfer multimedia, which does not have the format recognized by the iOS device: the application automatically converts files to the appropriate format. You can make a backup from this menuor restore device and application files from a backup. You can even read text messages on your computer if you want to search in a thread.

Aconvenient tool for iOS users

If you want to manage your iOS device quickly and easily, SynciOS is a very useful tool.
He does everything – he does not replace iTunes – but he is easy to use and effective in what he does.



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