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The rules survived are simple: Americans are abandoned in the midst of some of the most interesting places in the world. Divorced into teams, take part in the challenges facing host Jeff Probst. Every three days the lost tribe must go to the tribal council to vote.
One of them. In the middle of theGames, challenges are moving through individual races when tribes merged and become ones. Now it’s a game for every participant, players must be careful about sending packages – because after Slaughter begins a jury from the pre-selected Forms Candidate and returns every week to watch the ceremonyTribal. At the end of the game they vote for one of the finalists to win a million dollars, and only survive! Surviving is a matching game, and the last two or three seasons are the best players in their communities and the people who play them. Surviving the focus on people, social commentaryWhich they surround and how these players are Outvit, Outplai, and



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