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Fathom events and GKIDS co-operate so that Miadzaki Spirited Avai select theaters around the country for a special event in the three days of October 29th November 30th 1 within the Studio Ghibli Fest 2017. Wandering through the site abandoned carnival, ten Chichira is not part of their parents and tropezno spiritualthe world where you put it to work. Here he is faced with incredibly inventive character and must find inner strength to overcome his hijackers and return to his family.
Spirited Away Dubbed 2017 Listed in English on October 29 and November 1 and under the title of October 30, this special event of two days will includeexclusive edition of GKIDS MINIFEST, a short-lived festival throughout the world.


Spirited Away Dubbed 2017

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