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Axolot mechanism provides for old machines focused on mechanical engineering multiplayer world of sandstone with premium imposed on inventiveness and pure imagination. Play board to design and produce a new mouse trap or transformiruemivozilaclever. There is a lot of tools most effective mechanism old.

Create amazing

This is a player work mehanikKoйto maintenance robot, patuvajkjido job download new farm machinery fully.Character is primarily responsible employees robot surveillance because they work in the field, the distribution of the fruits of their labor are to star in town. Up, the spacecraft hascrashed, revealing that not everything on the farm. First Farmbots submitted articles and other companies in the frenzy mad, which means that players need to use creativity and intuition pure for survival doйdeZhiv.Players can form creative kojnudi unlimited selection of selected parts. Paul can also customize the system can be a man or a woman.

With more than 100 parts pre-selected size and a dark,Which allows the mechanic to his instincts vrodenikreativni. Management mechanism to provide „fingers“ to create the world. The game includes interactive features that allow players to see movement porъchkaV his command,Give useful, exciting and unique. edinstvenifunkcii other tools related link everything and every aspect of his vision of a mechanism to achieve that is a dream fulfilled for each engineer real.Function to be easier when the engine is limited by the laws of physics. It may in each case and build up a higher plane! Players can have fun with snowmobileLao Sin hit at parties dissolve and send them flying.

Technical requirements

Raw Mechanic run Stara machine running Windows XP, as well as new versions of Windows. It requires factory factory lower at two factories4 GB RAM. But Intel i5 Core Ghz recommended to 8GB RAM and 2GB of free space to ensure the best functionality. While this can not access to the Apple Mac OS and Android there.


Akot Sifet construction themed games like Minecraft and exploitationLite, then Scrap Mechanic is suitable for your needs, especially when the environment mechanism of world talent Classic for fiction science. Her story about being trapped in a colonial rebellion robotdavachuvstvo them of impending danger and urgency Minecraft not always supply and its ability to harness your imagination is unrivaled. Mechanized you expect miracles so download today!


Scrap Mechanic Preview Beta

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