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Samsung Kies is Samsung’s official tool for Android-based devices that will receive music and video management.
If you have a computer with Samsung mobile phones, these are important applications.

Do things

Samsung Kies, you can also update the firmwareFor your phone to get and install and regularly updated to be compatible with the latest Samsung releases mkononi.Aidha, Samsung also work to select to transfer and manage contacts and calendar events between the phone and the Mac.

If you have a Microsoft Office user,Let Samsung Select also allows you to synchronize content in Microsoft Outlook on your PC and Samsung mobile phones. In addition, it is very important as a backup solution, because it allows localized data, including data on mobile devices, including bookmarks,Settings (for example, general settings, WiFi menus) alarms, contacts, music, videos or pictures. Please note that it is not a DRM-protected multimedia version.


Although it is full of features, you can rely on Samsung Kies. Sometimes it does not get connected Samsung devices, it canBe difficult to balance and can be very slow.

Samsung Kies feels like an unfinished. The content of Hainakusimamia in the phone is easy, like Apple iTunes, to do.


Samsung Kies is a useful tool for any PC user and Samsung Android devices, but Samsung mooigebrekkig.Beaware keys are notAndroid OS support versions for the

If you decide to connect via USB cable to your mobile device, you need one mojakuwa information about any changes in the firmware of the device that is available.


Samsung Kies 3

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