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Apple is widely criticized when it was originally launched buggi very unstable version of Safari for Windows. Overall, however, a lot has changed since then, and Safari 5 is a long way from the administration, as a new icon to simplify reading, on one page, and a faster učitavanjastranica reading enhanced HTML5 support for better support and better videos

All original features, such as the top-of-the-line pages for easier page managementand cover flip-over through your iTunes style folders, are also saved.

Multiple touch of Apple

Firefok is the first browser on Windows to enter top sites, which is one of the most attractive aspects of Safari. Top Sites displays a panoramic view of the thumbnail view of the most visited sites in a single window. Just click on the bar you want to visit to go directly to the website. If you are inclined to visit the same places as Top Sitesan easy way to reach them as Tolki. Open a browser without tabs. It’s also a great way to keep track of the sites you visit most often, and you can lock your favorite sites in one place so you always know where it is when you open it. Marked angles in the corner mean those with new content, so you can immediately see which of them have been updated.

While the flowchart trusts all iTunes usersis, you can see the marker with a full swing of pits as you watch it lately. The principle is based on the rotation of the iTunes album. Although it looks good, its usefulness is questionable.

However, the search history is useful. Just enter the word and Firefok will display every page protected with that word – very useful if you can not remember where it looks like the name of a particular word faces or games.

Add-ons like Readeryou can see all the content on adnoistonka, although there is no way to change the font. There are plenty of search options for the search box in Safari so it does not bind to Google.

Other useful features include safari maps on top, which makes opening and opening maps at the top of safari a bit easier.
VSO ConvertXtoDVD 6 portable torrent You can even drag maps to another safari window and drop them there.

In addition, all standard features of Safari are preserved.By clicking on the RSS tag in the URL bar you will see mozhteseatrimats all the messages in the feed that can be viewed in chronological order, and get a detailed summary or header.

Stable and comfortable

Safari eliminated most of the bugs that were initially uncomfortable for use on the computer and now made stable and easy for readers. HTML5 support has been improved, which means you can now view HTML5 full-screen videoHTML5 geographic location features are now available to Safari users.

Firefok and navigatsiiniuje made a lot easier thanks to the bar of the predictive address that you are really looking for From the context of the website for keyword and archivingThe truth is that if you have seen specific pages, it is more accurate and elegant. Speed ​​has always been effective in Apple’s Safari and has reinforced the pace with a nitro-optimized engine that claims to be JavaScriptmuch faster than the previous version.

Not the best, but definitely slippery

Firefok plugin does not have dastupniiau compared to Firefok and Chrome, but no doubt that Safari brings the style of Apple and the class on your computer.



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