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NEXUS2 is a high-performance ROM synthesizer of the highest quality, which can turn your musical dreams into an exciting truth. Forget stereotyped, boring, old, old ROM sound synthesizers and turn on the power of NEXUS2 to change your settings toa new level of greatness. Here you will find many extensions and presets for NEXUS.

NEXUS2 launches a new tritium sound that are complex, ultra-fast, modern Sound thunderstorms, which today sound like the most expensive and best equipment. A powerful and flexible architecture isA framework that immediately supports useful and spontaneously attractive instrument samples. Each aspect of NEXUS2 is designed to quickly play music of the highest quality with minimal effort.

NEXUS2 Features a world-renowned 32-stage arpeggiatorwith transpositional notes, a fast and easy 32-step trans shutter, a leading reverb that was licensed by Arts Acoustic and a complex modulation matrix,


You know, and we do the same: dance music no longer exists, without mysterious arpeggios, rushingin your head after you heard the track in the club. Thus, we have not saved NEXUS 2s with the arpeggiator. A 32-step sequencer, an octave note and a transpose and a custom start position are just some of the controls that you createwhen you build your tracks. Apply some of the presets intended for the arpeggiator, for NEXUS 2 sounds, to cause anger, sound, sound or a living magnetic melody. If you hear it in your head, it can be done by arpeggiator NEXUS 2s.


Addhypnotic, goose bump, creating a rhythmic effect for your sound with NEXUS 2s, reworked by TranceGate. Work with an intuitive 32-level sequencer that freely adjusts the in-line rhythm that you hear in your head. Use delayed sync controland attenuation controls to add delays and a distant and mysterious, gradual sound wave. Change the start position of the loop and sweep the sound between the right and left channels to create a wrapped stereo image. Or switch on the dedicated TranceGate Preset Store, whichallows all NEXUS 2 sounds to be pulsed in a wave of sound to convert.

Mixer / FX

Like all other NEXUS 2 components, we made the mixing performance and the simplicity of the Mixer / FX segment. You need a simple, understandable, flexible and, most importantly, premium-class tools when its timeAdd an end to your NEXUS 2 sound. Dedicated commitment to FX adds brilliance and brow to the right places. The reverb and analog phasers Art Acoustic, Stereo Enhancers and two FX slot machines are just three possibilities, the deal in the NEXUS 2s / FX mixing cabinet is sweetened.


NEXUS 2 offersalmost infinite modulation; if you want to use the „traditional“ LFO modulation or go there completely and, for example, configure the phaser feedback. Let your imagination break: just select the source and destination, and let NEXUS 2 do it.

A minimum is required for a PCsystem

Software VST or RTAS

Processor Pentium class GHz with support for SSE2 *

2 GBytes (4 GB or more recommended)

Display with a resolution of 1024 by 768 or higher.

Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8

DVD-drive for installation

Available space

4 GB to install the plug-in and content on thefactory

Approximately 1 GB per installed extension

40 GB is supposed to install all extensions

Compatible host software

Ableton Live

Logic 6 or later

Garage tape 4 or later

Sonar 6 or later

Reaper 2 or later

Pro Tools or laterversion

FloridaStudio or later


Digital artist or later version

Renoise 2 or higher

ACID Pro 6 or higher

Cubase SX1 or higher

Nuendo or later

Orion 5 or later

By car or later

Studio One


You need WinRar or another extractor that you wantextract, or you can write or insert an ISO file

Install Nexus 2

Copy the „Nexus Content“ folder to the location you selected (usually in the same folder)

Download the plugin and scan the car. Your hard drive (s) for the contents folder


Our release allowsyou import any expanding Nexus or skins

Nexus2 interface. If you use extensions shared by other groups, we are strong

It is recommended that you rename large .nxp files. Rosetta Stone V5
Especially if you have already installed it

Executable file FXP with some release releases.

Ourrelease does not need a patchedpreset, because it decrypts everything fxp

correctly with the right way 🙂

*** If you want to be absolutely sure, you need to install Nexus2 after you imported all the extensions and the existing skin ***

delete an existing Nexus1 content folder


Install Nexus2

Install all extensions and skins

It’s done

3Nj0Y !!!


ReFX Nexus v2

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