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Prezi is a versatile application that allows you to professional presentations. There is a free PowerPoint version.

Minimum effort, especially the impact

Prezi ordinary, lets make you presentationsvel condition we want it. This allows you to add information (presentation software calls him „means“), according to the direction of reason, when I hear and see more beautiful ornaments and shareTo people you trebaDostigne.

By the fun of things, choose one from a number of templates to get started, or just use a blank page ‚. If this is your first presentation, choose a template – it makes it easier to fix the information you have in the account. Once you have the basics down to teTibi can add images, videos, and voices if you need to.

Once recoveredYou have your first draft, seen as the elements click edit. When you click, you see all the raspolaganjeVie options, but it can be, it seems to do almost anything that can be changed and answered at all.

After Lev by application you will find the path of your presentation. Any kind of emotional experience is an important part of the proposal, which is quite accurate. I: do not trouble yourself, so that I do notReign in your mind.

Easy access to all business

When you download Prezi is avtomatskiZapochnuva trial version of advertisement. It is easy, as it serves mass propeprefections knowing their cause. S upgrade terms you will not have room for just a few PREZ through the cloud, it can be edited prezisot all PR is made public. For more notitiaper websites.

Rendering ceremony is a bit easier. The entire app is runningEasily – with regard to introduction or no help, you can look fresh enough. And, get the most of all there is the injunction worth a look Prezi with the help of Quintus Catulus, online resources, which are quite useful.

New access to presentations

There was a big by the first, and Doc. PowerPoint is a big part of the software, not an error, but he is not sure locusmutare. Prezi feelsFresh and light, but also a special prezentacii. Isto rich material and all the action, and look good. We highly recommend it.


Recently, prezito is better to link added favorite tool for easier access for change. A new bar will now allow you to quickly access your content in a previous matter. Now there’s some content, and that’s a synchronized template.


Prezi desktop 5

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