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Pinterest Pokki platform is a fun service to share on your desktop.

Excellent images online, from memes to wonderful professional photography. You can save those you want You can also publish on your computer, or Tumblr, even if you are a fair poster, the conversation will soon be lost. Pinterest is the opportunity to organize your favorite photos and show them to others.

You can make it traditionally by Pinterest only through its web application.Pokki is available on your desktop. By creating folders to organizethe content you can find online, you can tailor your interests and, in the same way, you can organize more specific categories of Pinterest to search other users. You can add an image to the Pinterest clipboard by directly loading images stored on your computer.

Zita also lets you „repeat“ the image and add it directly to your choice’s clipboard. Another nice option is for other users to continue on the siteIf you find them and find the things that you like in their pencils.

Pinterest is an attractive wayto organize your photos. What you will find on the street and whatever you want.

Spintires is a game for outdoor trucks. Heavy duty trucks are difficult to maneuver and are designed to move large loads in difficult forest areas. A very entertaining game that you have enough to control these giant mechanics.

30-minute trucks used trucks

SpintiresThe purpose is scamming simple: the charge moves from one point to another. Where is the challenge? The roads are filled with „roads“ covered with river, vegetation,and dirt. You get rid of heavy, heavy and heavy toilet trucks and get everything you put into your patience test.

Trucks do, however, require that control. This is one of the best simulators that I’ve tested in real time by Spintires. You have to drive carefully so that you do not stuck in a four-wheel drivedifferently locked. Over time, you will learn how to use it when you need to pull the cable, and you can move the cable to the trees to get stuck in any bad hole.

If it’s difficult, you can always changethe vehicles that keep those who keep mud (you’ll have to do many times). You can also get two trucks and use a third truck. It’s really fun, it takes more than half an hour to get a second truck.

You also have a vehicleYou have to control the amount of damage and gas you control. Some of these monsters have 30 liters of fuel per minute! When they disappear, they know what to do: call the truck with fuel, of course.

Spintires have five different games to play on the same level, but very different. Althoughit is a consult map, the part that hides the game is not so useful, so you do not know where to go. It’s very important to explore and see.

Also,You have different types of trucks for you, you can customize the points with experience with the stereo, such as trailers, cranes, heavy loads and fuel tanks.

Truck management

This is a tricky and difficult task for the lorries in Tokyo. For some time you need to control everything to use the keyboard and mouse. However, it allows acceleration, change directionand simultaneous use of cranes.

The harshest group is a strange camera (you can move with the mouse).

Physicsvery realistic

Spintires is a place where he was surprised. We have a very realistic truck, shake it and forget it when you are playing a video game in a convincing way. The same is true of effects such as smoke and mud movement (heavy and sticky).

The physics is very realistic and must be taken into account at all times. For example, the burden may fall into the mud truck, if it is too long. Whenyou find trees and branches, like real lifethey play In general, Spintires is very realistic.

Prepare for long distances

Spintirese is the only original, but it has also been done at a very technical level. The game is pretty robust with menus, interface and controls, but once again, when you make cameras. However, Spintires is very funny in general, but you need steel patience and nerves.



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