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The reality control is the latest feature of PES 2017 but not enough for FIFA once and for all to beat?

Big change comes from

A major change in PES 2017 to honor its predecessor, is a feature called Truth Control. The alarming fact control is the name of the new system that gives you more management (if they hit the ball or not). This new implementation of verskerpPro Evolution Soccer as the best Sokana simulator left FIFATo take the show title.

Ball physics also increases, it will now be much further and effective at that level. If it is located in your possession, you have more control than before. This increase will have a significant impact on how you can strengthen the ball and prevent defense attacks, and try to put effort.

PES2017 is more physical than yakeMatoleo before, in response to more serious and stronger than ever. You can forget about the right toPrepare yourself to prepare for walking and stretching. Priority will also improve with advanced usage, as it rarely makes mistakes and looks like a very well know area of ​​goals, making quick goals a bit difficult.

In this case, artificial intelligence to enter into algemeenimejulambulisha, and change the defense tegemeaJuu your actions. AI also finally learns how you as a player and live with them.

This is for gamers who just want togame

For greater control over the players, more realistic ball moves, more AI support and more advanced AI, Pro Evolution Soccer games become more powerful and cleaner to be true. All Video Downloader 5 altaki download Every one says that PES 2017 will primarily center on the game like an attacker game that has no concern for being featured in the mchezo.Au game of licensing licenses. Are you one of them?


PES 2017 Pro

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