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Vector pencil drawing a Windows program that lets you create your digital comic.

The pencil is based on traditional hand animation techniques and is free. Bitmap image, vector image, sound and camera: the application of the time-line, which allows you to add four types of layers.
Each layer is important to set a keyframe animation work and to set the layers different from each other.

The sketches of the duzuZure bitmap characterFormat using the pencil tool, before adding a vector layer and place it in the pen tool and charger. The principle is very simple pencil and interface tool, such as Flash or high-end animation is more pronounced than that.

It’s hard to come up with a good quality image of Pencil arazoabatera that you have a graphics tablet at least – most rats do not match the sketches. In addition, There is no form, no object or predeterminedTemplates that can help you get started.

So, in pencil, maybe, again, is a great way to learn the basic principles of animated cartoon, it’s hard to create something truly memorable unless you’re in a Pazientzia.


Pencil 0.4

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