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PDF-KSChange Viever is a free PDF editor / reader that allows you to view and edit PDFs, all of an attractive and intuitive interface.

If there is something we found here in Softonic, it’s a good PDF creator hard to find. They are ugly, slow, missing functions, or, more often, allthree. Voicemeeter 1.0
Will there be another PDF-KSChange browser?

That is it! View PDFs with PDF-KSChange Viever is quick and smooth – you can skip pages, search documents in different schedules, and find keyword pages without flaws. PDF-KSPchange tool Your lanes are fully customizableand have a large selection of configuration options.

PDF-KSChange Viever formats are also impressive. Although the free version does not allow you to create documents from the beginning, it allows you to edit them in detail, with a few exceptions, mainly the ability to add or removepages. Communicating, marking, printing, file transfer, and creating a field are simple and can be changed and removed by pressing the button.

There are also instructions to let you know what to do before you click. This option is welcome, becausehelper PDF-KSChangeVaver is not good. Additional cooling features include a recording tool, document viewer, open PDF with open PDF and a wide range of interface options.

PDF-KSChange Viever is a great PDF editor that represents the streets in front of its numerous competitors.


Fixeddropping open some files on KSFA

Fix when opening a document from a LAN (or portable) when the connection is lost

Fiked problem in the command line command / importp

Exclusive comment mode: fixed click response with right click

PDFMotorReferent printing problemon rectangles with width or height from scratch

Two new events have been added „“ and „“

Fixed grammar when resuming the message when you return from a temporary stop

Permitted editions of topics from Unicode in e-mail


PDF XChange Viewer

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