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Microsoft Office Suite 2016 continues to be a company’s pan-and-butter products when it comes to revenue, though it moves away from the focus of a particular Windows platform. This leads to Office publishing for Android and iOS before Windows Phone and Mac before Windows, as in Office 2016.

All these little changes

After you’ve processed the process you have, the latest versions of Access, Excel, OneDrive, OneNote, PowerPoint, Project, Publisher, Visio and Word are all is important to note that this program is not available separately and should be downloaded as a package. If you liked the previous version of the program, it should be noted that you will not be able to run Office 2013 by 2016, so in this machine it may be worth considering.
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One of the main differences What you see is Lync now Skype for Business.

At first glance it looks and looks very similar to the 2013 version, though this is a touchwhich is more colorful with WordBiru that passes the Ribbon interface. Icons are organized in slightly different ways, but the mainstay remains the same.

The biggest increase seen is the Tell Me box, which is more than just the sought-after menu. For example, write a comment and suggest the Insert comment feature, but instead show how to enter comments, it will do it automatically. This feature is also available in Excel and PowerPoint.

A good second addition is editingdocuments in real time, which means you can see exactly what other people do on documents on the screen. This feature is already available for OfficeOnline

Other new Word features include a store where you can download applications for Microsoft Word, as well as simple settings from Save as location and email address added to cloud accounts like OneDrive to avoid confusion with local settings.

Fix behind the screen

Excel has a small Medium menu,but the interface is basically the same as before. Even though you can not see surface modifications, those who use Excel to work with a lot of information, will be happy to know that Microsoft has enhanced its Business Intelligence (BI) function.

The company has incorporated several DNI supplements that are available separately in earlier versions of Office. ItAdd-ons include Power Query, which allows commercial users to handle relevant data in a wayeasier without inputIT (known as BI market); and Power View, which allows users to easily report data that has appeared. There are also many new graphics and graphics to choose from, including TreeMap, Sunburst, Waterfall, Box Whisker and Pareto Histogram.

The new addition is a connection with OneDrive, which allows you to associate files directly from your cloud storage.

There are some changes made by Microsoft that are not visible to the eye,but this will help protect the data from entering the wrong hands, as well as improving and improving the accessibility of IT managers who wish to implement this series.

Always changing

In general, changes to Office 2016 for Windows are smaller and, in addition to useful features of Tell Me, will not be visible to normal users. On BI Excels’s capacity, Microsoft is advancing to potential users.


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