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Nox APP Player emulates the Android operating system to run Android apps on your computer. You must be able to run messaging from game applications, Android applications or some applications on your desktop. The control systems can be as easy as clicking the mouse, but you can also map the keyboard controls with more complex management plans for games or applications.


In essence, the Noxyn APP Player makes a virtual Android tablet (AndroidRunning kitkat) on your desktop. Configuration is not fast, but very easy, and you can sign in with your account to download already existing apps. You can adjust player settings, including normal creations, and assign CPU resources to improve performance (this application is generally not difficult). If you want to play games using joystick or gamepad, map game orders on one of these devices. You can also log in several accounts at the same time.

Simple and powerful emulator

NoxThe APP Player has too many bells and whistles, but sets it up – to create a simple and simple Android simulator running on most computers. UTorrent Pro 3


Nox APP Player 3

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