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Norton helps you to back up the entire hard disk drive or the selected folder to another partition, to a network device, or to external backup storage in Norton Ghost. The program will start with the first step by step wizard that guides you through the process and you will apply everythingavailable functions (function () {(„Desktop application overview“);}); You can freely customize the various backup tasks on Norton Ghost, each with its own settings. Backup can always be planned and recover should worst happen.Sa Norton Ghost can change these settingsin the program settings. The ghost can also be an identical copy of the hard disk (with all existing files, programs, and settings). Microsoft Office 2010
If a backup of the entire disk, Norton creates a recovery point, which allows you to restore the system as a non-essential, so terribly efficient and easy touse, like Norton just benotigteine ​​things: patience. Backup files can last for a long time, so they probably should work in the background of the program, and even do something else, ilibolje. A reserved reservation, if you do not use the Spirit, is reliable, powerful, and easy to use, to use a backupThe tool that prevents you is important in the case of computer bedstvavstratsits files.


Norton Ghost

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