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Nitro PDF Professional is a complete product for creating and editing PDFs. Professional application gives you complete control over PDF documents, including creating, commenting, filling out forms and authorization, digital signatures, text editing, one clickwith Microsoft Office and more.

Nitro PDF Professional is a useful alternative to Adobe Acrobat for people who want to use PDF.


Create a PDF file:

Create PDF and PDF / A Documents fromvirtually any Windows file.

Convert together files into a single PDF document.

Put your goalbuilds files in pdf into one package.

Scan paper documents in PDF format.

Create a single-color PDF from Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Create intelligent PDFs of bookmarks, links, metadata, and security of Microsoft Office programs.

Copy and export a PDF file:

ExportPDF for reuse in Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, OpenOffice and more.

Use different conversion modesto export files that just like the original PDF and others are easier to edit and reprogram.

Extract all text and images from PDF documents.

BatchConvert PDF files to Word, RTF and text formats.

Copy text while retaining the formatting, including font, color and size.

Edit a PDF file:

Insert and edit text, including font, size, color, and more.

Edit image embed, resize, rotate, crop, rotate, change, organize,remove and extract.

Edit the properties of brightness, contrast, color space and resolution. PES 2017 Pro

Edit Pages – Insert, Delete, Rotate, Save, Replace

Split pagesPDF documents based on page groups, page movements, and bookmark structure.

Add header, footer, watermarks and text to all pages of the document.

Add Bates numbering through a collection of PDF documents.

Add and edit bookmarks and links.

Automatically create books based onof the formatting of the document and the headings.

Automatically generate links based on keywords and page numbers.

Optimize, reduce and restore PDF documents.

Edit the document properties, including metadata and settings original view.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR):

Create PDFs of scanned paper documents or existing PDF-based image files, ideal for publishing, editing and archiving.

Create fully-compatible PDF / A documents.

Create editablePDF filesand set up documents using the text editing function.

Easily find documents, PDF / A for archiving using Searchable Image Mode.

Flexible multilingual support.

PDF display and name:

Highlight text content with highlighting bottom score, strike and replace text tools.

Addendum notes, text fields and a call.

Add pattern patterns using the pencil tool.

Add drawings, including lines, arrows, rectangles, ovals, polygonsand clouds.

Apply stampsto pages, choose from standard embedded stamps or custom creations.

Add documents and other files to your PDF pages.

Add explanatory text and other reviews to market ups.

Sort and manage responses.

Filter comments by type, author, status, themes, and others.

Generate comments to facilitate viewing content. Exposure CV in PDF format or print it for review on paper.

PDF security:

Protect your documentswith passwords and certificates.

Encryption with security levels of 40 bits, 128 bits and 256 bits.

ApplyRestrictions on printing, copying and editing PDF documents.

Create and create multiple security profiles.

Digital Signature and PDF Certification.

PDF forms:

Fill out forms, save, print and send forms.

Shapes of design.

Add, edit and edit JavaScript.

What’s New?

New functions:

– Quiet updates, up-to-date updates and upgrades

– A native64-bit application to improve overall performance on compatible systems

– Barcodes can be created and edited in forms


– Multiple updates panel tabs

– Summary Detention allows you to constantly use annotations of tools

– Find a job that searches for the current page

– Preview headers, footers and watermarks (HFW) for adding and editing

-The XFDF format can be exported and imported in several ways

-The HTML response can be displayed after submitting the form

– Improved XFA support

Solved Issues:

– General corrections and corrections of errors

Set notes:

1. Install the program

2] Connect to the Internet {** Important **}

3] Run „“

4] Open the installed program

5] A new window will open

6] Go to the „Help“ tab „Activate“ the „Advanced“ button. A new window will open

7] Then click the „“ button. A new window will be displayedopened.

8] Copy „InstallID“ and paste it into Keygen

9] Now in Nitro Pro, click on the following.

10] In the keygen, press the „Serial“ and „Activate“ buttons one by one

11] Copy. Place „Serial“ in serial code and „Activation code“ in the field activation certificate.

12] Enjoy 🙂


Nitro PDF Pro 9

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