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O Donald P. Bellisario at NCIS, and demonstrating the necessary internal agency agency work that investigates all crimes involving Navy and Marine personnel, regardless of their situation or status. The cause of the war is and the horror of the blood of the house, and I should go to the submarine ships, is in the land you are going over to investigate all the crimes that relate to a special Navy and marine morphogenic. Protecting the team continues to act in the military chain of a special agent orderLeroy Jethro Archive (MarcHarmon), a skilled researcher who is anispitiva, heavy and overcoming the preparatory rules to complete the task. Gibbs is a special DiNozzo Agent in the work of Tony (Michael Veatherli) before a detective manslaughter who has a passion, not just for the work in the way. The Abby Sciuto joins (Pauley Perrette), a talented artist whose lightweight spell and spirituality is Gotha, forensic arrows and a drink there. NCIS Season 15 Donald „Ducky“ Wild Duck (David McCallum), a medical examiner. InThe first term of the introduction of a new character – Glory Tim posebanagent (Sean Murray, „The random year“), a large part of the team and computer skills are out of NCIS. PeculiariAgent Caitlin „Up“ Todd (Alekander ‚Davson is not in Greek „), as an agent for the US Secret Service, is under the guidance of a fierce intelligence and applies to the probation team for the first two times until part of their duties, back to time when it is murdered by terrorists in the thirdThe team will welcome NumbersSuspendissequosgot a lively Mossad agent and thus David (Cote de Pablo), who is Kateovo’s team, and the team is a new NCIS director Jenni Shepard (Lauren Holly). After the departure of Elm 5 at the end of the season, he took the position of director of NCIS Lion Luciano (Rocky Carroll).


NCIS season 15 episode 5

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