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Every year, when the NBA season begins, all basketball fans can see the new edition of NBA 2K14, the best ball simulator.

In the release of 2014, LeBron James, who devoted him to the entire game mode, notes the long-awaited arrival of the Euroleague teams. But maybe these new applicationsto make NBA 2K14 the best basketball game ever?

Lebron James, the star of this year

elkNBA 2K has its own recommended player, and this time its LeBronJames. The Miami Tep’s star is an entire game, from the lid of the intro information and music carefully selected by the basketball star.

This is in Lebron mode:“The Way to Generosity,“ in which you will manage your career. Like the NBA 2K11 regime dedicated to Michael Jordan, 2K14 gives you the opportunity to lead LeBron James. The difference lies in the fact that you do not feel the early stages of Lebron’s career, as in the case of Jordan, but you willwith him during the last victory.

With NBA 2K14 you can choose from two scenarios. At first, LeBron will stay with Miami Heath to reach the peak of his career, and the second to hell to join another team. In both cases, many tasks await you, and LeBron boasts statistics,which reaches almost 99%.

Unfortunately, this mode is nothing but a series of games, the script is too linear to be convincing. It would be much better if you could choose LeBronszespół, but that would not work.

OneBut one important innovation of the NBA 2K14 is the arrival of 14 teams of the Euroleague. You can forget itLeBron to take part in Barcelona, ​​CSKA, Olympiacos, Panathinaikos and other major European teams?

In this case, you must adhere to the rules of the European League, especially the third NBA protection rule disappears. We do not like the fact that you have toGet a quick game, in the absence of a game mode, which is specially designed for Euroleague teams.

Finally, we should not forget that these two new variations are just an add-on to the game, which was already solid. NBA 2K14 still has all the classic game modes: My Player, My Career, Online Modeand training.

These regimes did not evolve, but they made this game the best NBA game we all know. On the other hand, my team has returned. In this mode, you can participate in online tournaments with your friends and player that you created in my player mode.

great game experience

NBA2K14has some improvements in the game. Most importantly, you use the controller to playback, because it requires the right Pro Key stick (Pro Stick), which allows you to do almost anything with the ball: moves that stop the show or make difficult entries.

These changes are tryingmake the game accessible to new players and offer more intuitive controls. However, you do not have to keep the analog joystick for too long to take a fake photo because it may accidentally take a photo. If you use it togetherWith the left strike, you can use the management descriptor to take unclear visions together with your teammates.

Users can use additional moves to lock or transfer the ball (between legs, behind, bouncing). Blocking systemImproved, we like it because it allows you to catch and block the ball (blocks down). No more spectral weapons that block the ball!

ArtificialIntellect also improves, so it’s much harder to break it. It is more durable and better located around the free zoneThrow, so it will be difficult to overcome. Now players can not only target the basket, but they must be made and appropriate combinations to roll or beat the blockers of the ball.

When you click on the button, you can get help and the tactical gray circle will appear in the gray field, in whichA player with a ball or his teammates is best able to score points.

Overall, the NBA 2K14 gaming process is excellent thanks to a wide range of strategies and controls.

watch on TV

The presentation has always been one of the main benefits of the NBA 2K series. Visual Concepts does everything every year to offeran experience comparable to that of watching NBA on television.

By presenting the scenes, encouraging the audience and commentators from 3,000 new animations, we will help you create a wonderful creature of the atmosphere both on the field and on the other side of the screen.

New animations show players‘ reactions morein detail: their capture after a great shot or frustration on the couch after a bad passage. Those who like to watch NBA games can even recognize the movements and mood of some players due to signatures.

In addition, the NBA 2K14 solved several errors, especially in the case of blocks andheels (before the ball entered the weapon). Now everything works and realistically respond to any situation.

As for the soundtrack, Lebron is looking for a playlist. Kanye West, Nas, Daft Punk, Gorillaz and many others will be taking part with comments by Steve Kerr, Kevin Garlan and Clark Kellogg. As always, NBA 2K14is in English only.


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