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Excel 2013 is a powerful and book database application that is included in Office 2013 ..

Excel has always been a very powerful application that you know how to use it. Microsoft specifically focused on ease of use of Excel 2013. If the user enters data, Excel 2013 willanalyze the data type, and give suggestions on the best way to present the data. If the data is wide enough, it will analyzeand provide the ability to automatically create a PivotTable.

There is also a new feature nazvayFlesh-fill, which will help you put the badformatted data into understandable content. The data will be sorted by column. It requires so much work to manually organize the data, Flash-Fill can be a killer feature for those who want to update Excel 2013.

OneThe more difficult in Excel 2013 that it organically. There are some simple animations,mimic those found in OS Windows Phone8, helping to make the program look less clinical. Animations do not distract attention and help you focus NATO that Excel is doing right now.

Interface ribbon remains, but has been modified to be more useful. Icons a different colorand grouped nicely.In Excel 2013 has a new option for downloading images from the internet of services related to the Microsoft account. Setting Excel 2013 automatically, as it will receive information from your account.

While Excel 2013 still has a menacing feature, it has becomesmarter, making it easier to work with data. Microsoft has done a great job zExcel 2013 and those who use Excel every day, you should upgrade. MagicDisc 2.7


Microsoft Excel 2013

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