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Although Facebook Messenger may be easy to access on your phone or in your browser through official applications, using it as a desktop client has always been quite complicated. Messenger for Desktop aims to address this issue (although this application is unofficial and unrelatedWith Facebook somehow).
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Chat without opening Facebook

Messenger for Desktop is an informal client that allows you to use the Facebook messaging service on your PC without having to connect to the social network (although, of course,you need to log into the system through the client).

He has the same capabilities,Like Facebook Messenger mobile apps: chat, stickers, and voice and video calls. More interesting is that you can receive notification messages on the taskbar until the application is minimized.

If you regularly use the chat option on the Facebook website, you will not have problemsUsing Messenger for Desktop. Most of the options are exactly one and the same place with the same icons, and all others are easy to identify.

Sendingmessages in full-screen mode

One of the problems with the use of the Facebooks chat option on the Internet is that it appearsIn a small window. You can expand it by clicking on one of your conversations, but it is a bit inconvenient and can lead to an accidental closing of the tab in your browser.

Messenger for Desktop solves this problem because you can chat in fullscreen modeIzmenite the size of the windowAccording to your needs. This option is particularly useful if you are talking at work and want to makeit invisible.

When you open and sign in to Messenger for Desktop, it will import all the settings from your Facebook account to start chatting right away. The only option you needCustomize – enable or disable notifications.

Design view, Messenger for Desktop has a very similar interface with Facebook.

Good for Facebook chat users on the Internet

If you regularly use chat on the Facebook website, Messenger for Desktop will be located right in your street. Its simplicityIn use, does not download computer memoryand allows you to communicate more cautiously without opening Facebook (for example, some official Messenger applications).


Messenger for Desktop 1

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