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Long Path Tool – This program does not have to be installed, after launching it will launch a long file or file with a long name, I think you know there are problems. In reality, everything you get and the real software is worth about $ 40, if memory Work does not include the price, but not me.

As soon as you wait for a Windows Explorer window, you can browse and we are interested in files and files,respectively. Additionally, you get a powerful scanning engine, using a program that will be a problem with your PC. The files will not be deleted permanently, Only they fall into the basket, so the correct file fails, it can be deleted. http://briards-moerfelden.de/long-path-tool-5-x86-download/

How to install:

Internal address

Developer: Long Path Tools Producer

Language: English + Russian

Size: 4 MB

SO: Windows

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Long Path Tool 5

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