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Live racing for high-speed games is difficult. Room and booking modes can not be asked, is not there for ordinary users to meet?

The game is quite slippery. And it will be a little while before the race will be easy and easy. Your mouse is empty, years and what’s happening are programmers. Mouse management is not good, but programmers say, if they are quite serious, will you be a steering wheel?

The best APT is not necessary to keep the mouseif you want. Beautiful graphics are pretty good for Lorem sounds and good health. What is unpleasant? Computer severity race. I do not think of a sticky line that displaced the position, usually sticking from a spin stick.

These features have 3 cars demo points and difficulty level, and that’s enough to start. There is no doubt that you have a lot of attention in life expectancy, but loneliness is a perfectionist, you will fight.

A live for Speed ​​simulatorIt is therefore not realistic when you hit your shot.


Some, including a new car, sound correction and multiple pieces, include a system for improving the detail level, including better 2D and mirrors, some useful modifications of some small triangle pipes to better apply to the next devices. Technology 2D 3D eies Rift


Live for Speed

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