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JetAudio is a rich and feature-rich media player that works with many popular audio and video formats and includes additional attractive features.

With JetAudio you can: – Enjoy your favorite music and videos: add amazing effects to your music: personalize the appearance of players with many skin options.

The main objective of JetAudio is obviously to play audio and video files. This program includes elements that can enhance playback andMake it more fun, such as the sound effects, between the song being a letter holder. QuickTime FastDL torrent download

Additional features of JetAudio In addition to its basic functions, the program also includes many additional tools that allow you to copy CDs, record sounds, convert music files from one format to another, listen to online radio stations and record your favorite MP3s on CD.

Youit can also run JetAudio as an additional bar located in the Windows taskbar and control the functionMain there without interrupting your work

JetAudio is a full and useful media player for anyone who wants to do more than just play audio and video files.


Supports more file extensions (tak, w64, …) for context menus, file associations, and tooltip

Some OGV formats are not reproduced correctly

The tooltip information remains for some MKV formats

Fixed SPDIF output for several DTS sounds

File Extension Support M3U8

Fixedanother minor error



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