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But if the slayer of her husband, a common man can find out the murderer of a contract, a thief, a trough full of Chian, and clothing, Dior Dior, I promise to use completely remove the. That is, until you learn that the three women in the life of a man – Cheng cheated on doors Tong. Feeling betrayed, the women decided to pursue a new lover. Soon, it turns out that the figure of three of his wives at the same time and the end of the whole set up is nothing at all of varhuizmamnik Trio Eyeshadow.
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Language: Cantonese

Title:English / Malay / Chinese

He added: 18

General ReleaseDate: June 14, 2017

Genre: Rock / crime

Hours: 1 hour 37 minutes

Dispenser GSC Movies

By Stephen Tang, Chrissie Chau, Gaile Lok Oh Girl

Director: Lee Ka Wing

Format: 2D


Husband Killers 2017

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