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While exploring a space with MOM, BUDs are the parent spacecraft, they go. Like, literally MOM anywhere. This month’s placement is extremely unpleasant. Now parts of ships are scattered across all the foreign planets, rich in fauna plants that will even make the giant gardens with hard head turning. Up to BUD to collect all the parts and bring them back to the moon.

Join theMysteriously shine your fabulous work on the Akro-BUDYCHNE Adventure of the Month.

Collect MOM send your PIC new friend’s help details. He loves the planet. Many.

Explore an entire alien planet full of excitement and admiration. At Flung

Walking is exaggerated. Put BUD in Ball Mode to boost, bounce, and move across the planet.

Get in the air and swim between floating within the country like alarge metalbike with motorcycle.

Use green fingers and overcome barriers by creating any plant you see in Floradex 3000.

Traveling giant stars of plants in the sky (yes, we know that you look)


Grow Up no iso

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