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Grand Theft Auto V Pack (c) Rockstar Games

09/2017 ….. PROTECTION …: Arxan + Social Club

-: ………. DISCO (S) .. …….. Action, Adventure

Grand Theft Auto V for PC presents a wide range of visual and technical features

Updated so that the counties of Los Santos and Blaine are more immersed than ever. AT

In additionto the huge designer distances, Grand Theft Auto V for PC

in 60FPS to 1080p, with the ability to view images with a resolution of 4K.

Primitkiz version:


This is a series of GTA V to the latest version (Build).


– Unlock all relevant content, including. returnthe content of the players.

– money / train. See included

– A custom patch that allows unlimited savings for Rockstar Editor projects.


FDP 2017

1. Cancel.

2. Install updates where the game is installed.

Mandatory release:

Grand Theft Auto 5
Copy to Triscanedirectory / content of the crack.

4. Play the game.

5. Support for decals in the software If you like this game, BUY it!

Year of launch: 2015

Genre: Action (Sagittarius) / Racing (cars) / 3D / Third person

Developer: Rockstar North

Revision: Rockstar Games

Type of publication: RePack

Language: Eng |Russian | Multi11

Language of the sound: English

Crack: 3DM (V3)

System requirements

Operating system: Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows (only x64)

Processor: Intel Core i5 3470 @ (4 processors) / AMD X8 FX-8350 @ 4GHZ (8 processors)

Memory: 8 GB

Graphics Card: NVIDIA GTX 660 2GB / AMD HD78702 GB

Sound Card: Sound device compatiblewith DirectX

Hard Drive Space: GB


Saints are a city of sun, stars and released in the circulation of the stars.

Once the envy of the entire Western world, it now remains a representation of evil realities,

choking control of economic problems. In the center of general discord –

Triocriminals is quite another, trying desperately to catch the tail

Luck in a continuous fight for a place under the sun.Starry party street

The Franklin group is trying to deceive the past. It appears, the pensioner from bank robbers Michael

that an honest life is not as pink as it seemed. Becomethe madness of violence Trevor

interrupted by the entrepreneur on the other, hoping to play a big living prize.

After exhausting the options, three put their own lives on the line and

They carry out a series of bold robberies, in some kind of bread, or absent.

Grand Theft Auto V players hopenot only a wide world of detail

Always created by Rockstar Games, but also the ability to influence life and life

the actions of the three main characters. These are intertwined stories of different characters

will make the game fun and interesting.

All the attributes of the well-known series of full-featured and Grand Theft Auto V –

hereand incredible attention to detail, and black brand humor, funny e

Pop culture is also an incredible and ambitious multiplayer mode.

features repackaging

Grand Theft AutoV

Version of the game – (update 2)

Not cut / recoded


Grand Theft Auto V Update v1

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