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Google Photos is a Google image. This allows you to back up all your photos, listen to effects and automatically organize your photos – through magic in the course of time.

Sci-fi search

Google Photos has replaced previous app photosGoogle +. The original has many interesting features, but this update plays an important role in quality.

This is an image that contains all photos and videos taken with your phone and photos stored in Google Cloud.

GooglePhotosseparate yourself from other applications with his intellectual insight. Automatically catalog and group your photos at the time you pick them up, choose them and what happens to them.The search engine uses the latest image recognition technology so you can search for „table“, „eat“ or „dog“ to get the right impression.

From a creative point of view, you can edit your photos with Google Photos. However, the edit mode is not a strong feature, since it is only a smallselection of filters or adapters.

Google Images can also create animated GIFs of images, your photos and images.

Smart but complicated

Google Photos is certainly a great way to create your photo gallery. Even if you have never set up your media before, it will help you find what you’re looking for within seconds.
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appGoogle Photos contains photos from your device, Google Drive, and Picasa. In the beginning this is easily confused, because you are attacked by a series of photos from each location.It is not clear where to sign. It is important to know that if you have accidentally created a huge image of the cloud when you are not connected to Wi-Fi, you can quickly get out of the data.

Whether it’s the initial confusion, Google Photos looks great and is easy to use thanks to the ‚device design‘ philosophy.

Gallery of the day front

Google Photos is another step for Google to keep you more connected to the cloud. Saving a lot of text messages and messagesno data on your device and Google wants you to take the same steps as your photos.

Google Images Build a bridge between your phone and the cloud. And thanks to its interesting, automated innovations, its talents seem to be that for its time.

The problem with technology in the future, however, is that it may be too advanced for non-academics, even though some users may be disturbed by their mobile data. This can lead to many people not wanting to risk the imagesGoogle to use until they take out their photos.


Google Photos Desktop Uploader

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