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Several weeks after the official presentation of rumors, comments, titles and San Francisco, Google Chromium OS has been completed here.

Chromium OS is only available as a source code, which can independently store and compile an image file, compatible with any machine-tool machine, such as VMware or VirtualBox. It is based on Linux, it runs in seconds and is mainly designed on the Internet.

This is Google Chromium OSthe same function Almost everything is a website or it’s called „Cloud“. Chromium OS is designed for online use and you will keep all your files online. This is so fast and easiest: OS does not have to install anything on the computer because you can access everything on the Internet. It is an ideal OS for small computer computers, such as netbooks.

When you sign in to your Gmail account, you’re ready to start. Initially, Google Chromium can create extravagant, yet very intuitive ones.This is incredible, if you try to try any OS effortlessly, it’s just a web browser and intuitive because the web browser is a place where we spend the most time on any other operating system, so there is no learning curve. Pencil 0.4

Google Chromium OS is undoubtedly a revolutionary operating system for users to change the image of our computers and how we use them. On the contrary, I think that this revolution will take some time for operating systems onlyFor those websites, Chromium OS is also in development phase one morning.

Google Chromium OS is a wager for revolutionary internet and offensive systems.


Google Chromium OS

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