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When designed to control global network of satellites, air and sea attack starts to race against the clock to find a real threat at all, and global geostorm pressed.
Valerian 2017 movie
The catastrophic air threatens the survival of Britain, government connections in the world creaBoisque Gallic program in the Netherlands, a global network of satellites around the planet, equipped geoengineering technologies designed to prevent natural disasters. PosleUspješno protect the planet for two yearsbegins, and that the matter should go wrong. Two brothers, who were responsible for dealing with the capture of a lack of those who, in the presence of Geostorm program moves the global of the planet.

GeostormA a man was cast into the space, so that not they may be seen since a satellite can be a thing before the whirlwind out of the power to create in the heroic. On the ground, his brother planned to kill the president.

Language: English

He added: NE

GeneralDate publication 19 October 2017

Genre: Rock / Fiction

Running time: NEUzmi

Dispenser, Warner Brothers Pictures ..

Starring:Gerard Butler, Abbie Cornish, Katherine Vinnicka Marcus her Lara, Vaked Amr, Eugene derbez Jim Sturgess, Ed Harris, Garcia, Andi

Dean Devlin directed to

Format: 2D


Geostorm 2017

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