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Free MP3 Cutter may be due simply as a program. But, although it can or can not be a function or a style, it’s simplicity and ease.

stop it

Blesak Free MP3 Cutter will meet you with a simple file line. By typing in the required file location to search or drag the desired file,You are ready to reduce. Button A playback starts to sound all sounds, so the point in the path can be VindenVil, which is also marked by a plain convenient timeline.


When you find the place you want to start the modified shot,see the „Mark Start“ touch and find the desired oneEnd point and click on „End Mark“. There is an option to play the selected area of ​​the road to make sure they have exactly what you want. All the rest to save the selected sound on your new, shorter track.


Het, but it works. Audaciti offers many more options, but really if it’s allWhat’s needed is to cut a piece of audio, maybe for a bell, then the Free MP3 Cutter will finish the job.

Free mp3 cutter supports the following formats


I mightfeel that I missed something Free MP3 Cutter Joiner. It looks like two separate programs that are associated with an unpleasant interface thatTrying to confuse the best. It does what it claims, but in the best of the poor.

Type of cutting

After downloading the Free MP3 Cutter Joiner, you can get to know the „Cutter“ page of the program. The interface of the crash icon is stolen other programs that appear are compressed and then increased until they areSo distorted and ugly it’s almost hard to watch.

Multiplefunctions are hidden among these icons, and she is only referring to the badly translated Help menu on the developer’s website that it is possible for Isom to work on how to use these simplified tools.

It’s really a wound dressingThe waveform in the middle of the page is a fixed image in no way related to the audio file you loaded. Select (Drag and drop does not work, no matter how it looks) audio file from the bross function, there is no difference.

Join Janki

When you’re done with a careful task to savethat sound thatGedaaldIn on Cutter, the radiators on the „carpenter“. This is a bit more user friendly, but only to offer even less functionality.

After copying the files from the search and ordering into the carpenter, it connects with one click on the start button all the lists in one MP3. It does not offer processing tools,And to reduce between every piece of sound more than a little nagged – but in any case it works relatively painlessly.


Lack of function, using ugly and difficultFree MP3 Cutter Joiner has a very specific use. But, since Audaciti is also free and offers completePackage audio tools more user friendli, I do not know why you would not choose it.
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Free MP3 Cutter

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