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This application can not be downloaded again. Check out FIFA 15 13 – the most modern football player, with a fierce opponent in PES 2013 in the war to become the king of football. In FIFA 12 there were several improvements that help to make this version even (work () {(’new-app-page-desktop‘);}); The first control over the newthe touch control system will change the way the ball is received. Control is a matter of exercise, not something done. In FIFA 13 control and control of the ball is influenced by such criteria as the space, answers and features of the player that can pass. Inadmissible ball control may allowyour opponent or make the ball continue to change, as tactical defense was initiated by FIFA 12. Although experienced FIFA players were at the beginning of the switch, but knew that they felt so satisfactory. Probably, it will be similar to the first controlover FIFA 13, and, in the hope, like protection from nitration, there will be an additional release if you need it and the lack of opportunity and opportunity when the attack was one of my biggest problems with FIFA 12. AI (artificial intelligence) attackers improved FIFA 13, and playerstry to think well on the basis of their location, what happens at the site of building and completing the probability that some attackers will be better than others, avoiding being on the sidelines, while others can make clever methods that move holes for the wing engine or obstacles.Engine engines are the technology to make conflicts between a large number of players. This engine has been improved by FIFA13 to remove errors. This includes a new series of drawings to enhance the authenticity, which will be the best among the players who nowThey can use their shoulders and arms to protect the ball or fight the enemy. Physical problems also affect the speed of FIFA 13, with slightly attacked or slightly lower minorities, if it falls during FIFA 13, the ability of a competent opponent and a flexible direction will disappear.There is a new step and a touching touch, allowing you to choose inside or outside. This will be a real treat for techno-savvy players, and this will give you more skills to defeat your free punches. With free strikes in FIFA 13, you can have three playersaround the ball. Now you can create new ones with unpredictable signs, artificial shots and drag players from a defensive point of view that you can add players to the wall or teach one of them to seem to discourage the rebound. You can also movewall a few inches. However, as the attacker discovers, you become yellow, racing and MultiplayerFIFA 13, you bring the 3D model settings as players who face and use Imaging Dimensional. Therefore, unlike computer players in real colleagues,more accurate than the 13th broader board, where you consider the position of your coach, player and manager. As for the multi-user online version, EA promised important key functions head update, FIFA13 promises to be one of the most complete, real football players we’ve seen.

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