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Note: The facade works only in Windows ME for KSP. Does not work on Vista or higher. The facade is a unique free interactive adventure using Artificial Intelligence (AI), where your role is to prevent breaking the marriage.

The template developers of the „facade“ describe the difficulty:“Try to move the traditional branching or hyperlinks of the story, to create a complete realization of an act interactive drama, an integrated interdisciplinary conference umetničkiprakse technology and artificial intelligence.“ You can play the game asare also a longtime friend of the couple with the name Grace and the train, which developers describe as „an attractive and materially successful couple in the early thirties.“

The slur is as follows: During the evening meeting in your apartment, everything gets ugly (it’s not clear why), and somehowyou have fallen into the destruction of Grace’s marriage and Pat. No one can be sure of the façade because the charges are taking over flights and decisions are made that destroy happy homes. VidMate full Torrent Download However, your goal is to make sure Grace and Trippe stay together and do not interferein expensive divorce proceedings.

To control your character, you must enter to interact with other characters, navigate to HelpUse the arrows to select and use objects using the mouse cursor. What I’m saying to people affected by theiractions and what he loves and invents, although this is not an exact science. You can wait a few moments for an answer, or your face can respond in quite a strange way.

The main problem is that, although it has been surprisingly popular for many years, it has never been updated forto work with Vista or higher, which is a real shame. If you continue to use Windows ME for KSP, then you can play the façade. In the meantime, those who can not enjoy the game will have to do with seeing many IouTube videos dedicated to the facade.

It’s a shame that the facade does not workin later versions of Windows, because it is a wonderful and original concept and gives more than a few laughs in resolving conflict situations.



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