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Incision imagine what can happen when Norwegian scientists, as a solution to excessive population to learn how to reduce people to five centimeters and provides a global transition to a 200 years from big to small. People soon realized how much more miniature world gaandie, andthe promise of a better life every half Šafránek (Matt Damon) and his wife Audrey (Kristen Vig) decided to abandon their busy lives in Omaha for a bit of get up and go to a new abridged community – choice prygodazapuskaetzhiznennye.

sosiale’n satire in which a person understands that he has to have the bestlife than he had up to five inches in height should be reduced, so that he could live in wealth and splendor. „Reduction“ friendly professional therapist who has passed a new procedure withered wordtot four inches in height, so that he and his wife can help save the planet at the same time be able toafford a good lifestyle.

Reducing the size of this social satire about a man and his wife, who realize that their lives would be better if byany were smaller. They decided to voluntarily reduce word.Ongelukkig, for a man remembers his wife at the last minute. Now he closesjust one of the many communities of indigenous peoples, which have appeared in the world.


Subtitles: On

Classification: NA

General Release Date: January 11, 2018.
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Genre: Comedy / Drama

Hours: not available

Distributor: United International Pictures

Starring: Matt Damon, Kristen Vig, Waltz, Alec Baldwin,Neil Patrick Harris, Jason Sudeykis

Director: Alexander Payne

Format: 2D


Downsizing 2018

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