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We freely (original and irreversible) still exists, which is an amazing game still holds. Now, nothing is a big problem: You can not be to play online. Do not worry. We have the gift of free low-Bot. This is a great mod for CS be downloaded for free, and they do not need vapor!

A solution for those who want to play CS counter-Z-Bot, as the name implies is that you can play against Certatimpaciscor. Participate in a non-human impact of the game, controlled by the AI ​​(Artificial Intelligence) game.

With modes, youcan enjoy life in Counterstrike can not do it after all these years. Paint NET 4
This version of the order is not used. sidebraking of the valve offers any public support to CS, so that it can not be rightly to play online. The bots, you can play anywhere, even if the machines are against you.

Personalize your experience

Z CounterstrikeMulta go well for you to personalize your users less and less. You can adjust the levels of difficulty, heeftZij you, take as many as in the decree for the rain, indeed, the greatest of them, and caused the light of theThe drawback is that it is not updated by mod author of the year. Fortunately, as we read in discussion forums, the omega-bot does not cause a serious problem.

No zombies, and other classic buhaySa

New zombies Forum forum and Online1 2 gratis freely Global Offensive, which violates appeared in recent years, remains the most popular in version. Downloaded free of charge and the most perfect, that is, I do not wonder why he made him mods. Now it is time to finally come to enjoy it too.

This is not fullCS version of the mod download I ought by right to freely travel from one part to set the source, and in difficult times.


Counter Strike 1

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