Beach Head Torrent

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Beach Head is an action / strategy game from 1983 during World War II. You play in various parts in amphibious assaults that attempt to capture the island in a military theater in the Pacific Ocean. At each stage of the game you will be responsible for the next part of the invasion of the original sea access to the last attack on the position of the enemy. Each stage is basically another miniature that makes it a completely different gaming experience.

Common weapon operations

plażaHeadwas a critical goal after the release in the 80’s and it’s easy to understand why. Although the graphics are basic (but ambitious for the day), they combine a wide range of different types of games, from navigation to ships, to shoot to go in one package. You must have your boat on the island to traverse the enemy fleet while the tank is under attack, and then take over the defending bunker of the enemy to catch the island. Control measures are simple – most of the timeyou drive and run occasionally – and the sound is minimal.

earn classic

Graphics and sound of the beach The heads of the 80’s can not of course have cherries with modern counterparts, but the basic game is fun and challenging. If you’re interested in the history of video games, this ambitious title is definitely worth a look.


Beach Head

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