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Battlefield 1 is a self-healing player who played during the First World War. It was created for Playstation 4, XBox One and Windows computers. You are probably used to World War II games and realize that they usually mean less technical hardware and tin machines, but not in this game. This oneThe game is heavy and incredibly realistic. You have not experienced an explosion until you felt it in Battlefield 1.

otherwise like the games you remember

At first, if you look at it, you would think that you think Medal of Honor, but play a little and you will see that there is a different world. The gameplay is much smootherand much more around you than playing the Medal of Honor. You fight in World War I from the point of view of the first person where your weapon is in the lower left or right corner of the screen until you start firing. Walk linearly through the story, but in an environment thatfeels like an open world / sand. You follow the mission parameters and let yourself be taken away by battles and dramas. Graphics are out of this world, so you need a gaming computer if you do not use a console. The story is based on people, it’s not really about winningwar, but for the people in it. The story and the characters look inspired by the Fury war movie.
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Absorption and brutal drama

As PC War Gaming showed us, the sound is everything and we know that the developers of Battlefield1. Shoot a close man and you can hear how his bones break when he isbullets come. The sounds of the explosions are clear and the sound of the weapons is not overly repetitive, which is a great advantage for a first-person shooter like this one. The graphics are great, but they are not perfect. Like many military games, the faces of the characters look slightly different. Provisionthe current console technology could do more with the heroes‘ faces. Instead you have spent most of your efforts on securities so the game looks great when the fight is in full swing. Creators have a lot of variety Added in the game,because you jumped from one scenario to another, another in an airplane, another in a balloon, and so on. It contributes to the repeatability of the game but eliminates the perceived realism of the game. Unfortunately, developers have removed pieces of the game to sell them with downloadable capabilitiesmake content. For example, you can not play French unless you pay extra.


Story is a new, though contemporary, military drama and the gameplay is above average. EA has ruined it by collecting so much money and forcing players to pay extra fordownloadable content before you can enjoy the entire game. But if you bought a Playstation 4 or Xbox One, Battlefield 1 is the reason to pay all your money.


Battlefield 1

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