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Asphalt 8: It marks the return of the arcade racer for races in this new version more shocking. A new game of motor, vehicle and environment, complex operating conditions, multiplayer and Slo-mo action films of the appropriate category are included. Utaipenda!

47 car cars 9

In this phase of the 8 Series Asphalt,Gameloft has made and remains an edited ship of 80% of new vehicles. Asphalt8: The breeder models on the IpatianManzoni flight, but you can loosen the cables and if you win you get points (or borrowmoney if you can not wait a long time). These vehicles are generally well designed and faithful to the original. You can collectUp to 47 in total and they are refurbished in various colors.

For context, asphalt 8: Logging in nine new locations involving cities such as Venice, London, Barcelona, ​​Tokyo, and Monaco, with several rural environments such as the Nevada desert, KifaransaGuiana, Iceland and the Alps. Tu vinaviofichvaSecret keys to help you get on your opponents.

Asphalt 8 is a good way of sports.The first and main among them is the way of hard work that lasts the season’s competition of eight events 180. Next is a quick-running six-way run for Solo (classic, remove, duel, eject,Transfer and slalom). And, in the end, there is a tuMultiplaier mode for playing up to eight players online, although shov iaHii still play with close friends over Vi-Fi. Ranking system shows its position in the world and how to compare it with your friends.

Game of the beating of the arcade

Asphalt 8: PlayingA powerful lolart style is seen at an early stage. You can still use Nitro to accelerate the device by miles, collecting objects that provide roads, etc. One of the major changes to Asphalt 8: Free air increases at intervals of sprung bulkhead near the railroad. HiziInakuvezeshaLaunch and perform spectacular acrobatics in the air. Asphalt 8: The air courses also sow air, so the name grows so.

New graphics chip with punchi music

For graphics, asphalt8: The bird is as good as before and even better, and comprehensive facultiesand light effects that are prettyincredibly. The new engine physics shows what it can do when it slows down competitions and competitors, and when the country is screened.

All we need is music that you can continue with the fast pace of society in Asphalt 8: It looks like. Repeat: there are three types of music, more and more lyrical than in the endYou want to break the road.

The game Asphalt plays the tradition alive

Generally, Asphalt 8: Park has changed much from the previous game, with the same philosophyand gaming as before. This only changes the quota of the inca of the environment and cars, the most unlikely of course, and the springbreaking findings near the perimeter.

FansAsphalt and sports games will be starting to be of great anxiety and Asphalt 8: Free, which is still one of the best sports land and puzzle games, with Real Racing 3. Asphalt 8: bonds guarantee when participating in the competition quite solo or multiplier!


Asphalt 8: Airborne

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