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Barry Seal, the TWA pilot, hired by the CIA to provide information on the growing communist threat in Central America, and soon became responsible for one of the CIA’s largest secret operations in US history, which led to the birth of Medellin and, in fact, almost broke the Reagan Whitehouse with Iran Contra scandal.

The story of Barry Sil, an American pilot who became the CIA drug drug leader in 1980 in an underground operation to be called on by his Iranian counterpart. Valerian 2017 movie
Barry Pyle is just an ordinary driver who worked at TBA before being appointed by the CIA in 1978. Hisa work in South America eventually caught the eye of Karl Medellin, linked to Pablo Escobar, who needed a man with his skills. Barry became a drug dealer, a smuggler and a money laundering company. Soon I got the title – Gringo, who always supplies.


American Made 2017

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