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Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 is a complete professional digital imaging solution that incorporates the most advanced visualization tools and new creative ideas that can dramatically improve performance. Edit imagery with incredible accuracy, using new intuitive tools and workflows for creating 3D graphics, 2D projects and movies.

Adobe Photoshop CC2015 is part of Creative Cloud. That is how it isIt is available to all users of the latest updates and access to new releases when they are released. The ability to publish in the cloud allows you to organize files on multiple computers. By integrating with Behance, you can share your projects with other users directly from Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 and receive instant feedback on your work from designers around the world.

Enhance smart objects: save links to external files,Automatically wrapping them in the same directory. It is also possible to convert existing smart objects into built-in smart objects.

Enhanced composition layers: save time, work with layers, because you can now change visibility, place or display one layer, and then distribute changes across all other layers of your composition. In addition, you can view each attribute. Create layers and switch between layers in an intelligent object.

filtersMotion blur: Use a blur cycle to add a blur along any path, as well as a blur effect while rotating to create a circular or elliptical blur. Mechanism The mechanism of recycling of mercury allows to use all the filters even faster.

Masks of Focus: Photoshop automatically creates its own masks by selecting areas of focus in the image. This feature is ideal for portraits and other images with low depth of field, and Mercury Graphics Engine provides fast processingimages.

Enhanced content editing: New technology implemented in the content tool fills content, moving content to the adhesive tape, and based on content, gently shuffle the fill field so that you can achieve the most realistic and ecological consequences (for example, sky).

More efficient moving guides: Forget about having to align several figures or objects at a distance from each other. in the working area. Now the closer the distance between objects can be displayed in the content pixel.

Desktop fonts in the Typekit library: Select the TypeKit font library, synchronize it with the desktop, and launch directly from the font menu in Photoshop. Photoshop can even automatically replace missing fonts in documents.

Search fonts: Searchable by name and instantly browse your favorites.

Advanced printing3D. Now you can see exactly where and how Photoshop has improved 3D grids, making it easier to set up 3D design applications for third-party manufacturers. Make more accurate visualization of your modelsPrint with accurate representation (WYSIWYG). Use more than three-dimensional printers and service providers such as printing.

Enhancements in Adobe Camera Raw 8: Enhanced image recovery capabilities to improve image recovery, eliminate distortionand create a grid. Except you also have access to interactive histograms, preview before and after changes, and more.

Improved support for pens in Windows operating systems: Get a comfortable and fast way to work with Windows gadgets and enjoy smooth brush strokes as a result of frequent sampling.

And a lot more …

It also supports very large PNG files; color coding tables; New video formats, includingSony RAW and Canon RAW, and many more.

What’s New

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Adobe Photoshop CC 2015

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