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Paper papers have two main issues: you can not edit it easily and they are smooth. ABBYY FineReader was created to solve this problem through digitizing paper media. It can also process PDF documents, giving you the freedom to do what I wanted.

ABBYYMae FineReader is an advanced program that uses optical character recognition for scanning or pictures for text, layout, tables, and even document language. The results can be edited in the program or exported to Word.

ABBYYFineReader,which is compatible with all scanners and cameras, is extremely easy to use. It recognizes all the related devices so that you can scan to a document or choose an image of your camera or hard disk. The image is then read and the window opens. One shows the original image, while the other shows the digital editable version.

The efficiency of FineBerry ABBYY is impressive. We tested the document captured by the iPhone, and it was completely transformed without mistakes. SometimesThere are problem images, but ABBYY FineReader will generally give you very good results. All Video Downloader 5
You can export files in PDF, DOC, XLS or HTML.

If you want to effectively digitize paper distributors, ABBYY FineReader is an excellent and easy-to-use option.


ABBYY FineReader

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