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60 minutes in the air since 1968, beginning on Tuesday, but most of the time on Sunday, where it still remains today. This popular newspaper investigation and interviews and conversations with people from News and current record set by the previous record at Nielsen Ratingennote No. 1 five-paced, which makes itOne of the most successful programs in all television history. This series has won several Emmy Awards from every other i2003 news. DCs Legends of Tomorrow S02E11
Don Hevitt creator (in 1968), received Emmy for complete creativity along with correspondents of 60 minutes. For this season2009, Correspondent SteveKroft, Leslee StallBob Simon Scott Pelle, Morley Safe, Katie Couric, Biron Pitts, Lara Logan, Charlie Rose, Anderson Cooper and Andy Roonei. Added to 11 Peabodi awards, this huge long series won awards for the 2005 season and remains among the гледачинајдобар choices for the newspaper


60 Minutes

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